Prescription Fraud

Prescription fraud charges can be felonies in San Antonio and Bexar County

A person can be charged with prescription drug fraud, which can be a felony under a number of circumstances, if they knowingly and intentionally:

  • Use a fictitious, revoked, or suspended registration number during the manufacturing, distributing or prescribing of controlled substances
  • Issue a prescription with a forged or fictitious signature
  • Use someone else’s prescription to prescribe a Schedule II drug
  • Possess or attempts to obtain a controlled substance or an increased amount of controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, or oral or electronic deception
  • Produce false or fraudulent information or falsifies documents, reports or applications in order to obtain or prescribe controlled substances
  • Deliver a prescription or a prescription form for any purpose other than a valid medical purpose in the course of professional practice
  • Make, distribute, or possess anything that is designed to print, imprint, or reproduce a trademark, name, or identifying mark of a controlled substance, or a container/label of a controlled substance, with the intent to make a counterfeit controlled substance

Defending against prescription fraud charges

Like many other kinds of cases, Derek W. Emmons will mount a defense against prescription fraud charges that will depend largely on the circumstances of an individual case. However, there are some general defense strategies that are routinely employed in these types of cases.

The most widely used of these is lack of intent. For prescription fraud to take place, there must be a clear and present intent to make a misrepresentation of facts for a given situation. In other words, it must be the defendant’s goal to clearly deceive a doctor, a pharmacy or others for the purpose of illegally obtaining a prescription. If a person makes an honest mistake or shows that they are intending to misrepresent themselves or their situation, then they can be cleared of the charges they are facing.

In other instances, a defendant may be able to claim a defense of unwitting possession, which means they did not know they were illegally in possession of a prescription drug.

For more details on prescription fraud, including the most commonly abused prescription drugs, go here.

The bottom line is that prescription fraud charges are serious and require the immediate counsel of an experienced attorney to help you preserve your freedom.

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