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If you are charged with online solicitation of a minor the ramifications could be life altering. The crime is a serious felony that has become more popular with law enforcement due to the relative ease of getting a conviction.

To be guilty of this crime means that an adult used a computer or smartphone to entice someone who is underage to engage in a sex act.

Online Solicitation On Social Media

In today’s world social media sites are visited by millions of people every day. As a result there is an increase in solicitation of a minor for sex happening on social media sites.

Law enforcement agencies are aware of online sex crimes and have dedicated investigators that are online enticing adults into sexually charged conversations.

Allegations and formal charges of online solicitation do not mean a conviction is automatic. Law enforcement must follow a lengthy process and strict policies and procedures.

San Antonio, Texas Online Solicitation Of A Minor Defense Attorney

You may feel as though no one can help you, but there are defenses to online solicitation charges. With my experience I know how to build a compelling defense.

I will help you explore all of the available defense options including entrapment. I believe that everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense free from judgment.

The consequences of soliciting sexual conduct from a minor are severe. If you are accused, however, you do have rights and you do have available options for a strong defense.

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