What you should know about manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance charges in San Antonio and Bexar County

If you are arrested and charged in a larger state case for possession of a controlled substance, many times the charge is listed as “Manufacture or Delivery of a Substance” along with the penalty group it belongs in. In Texas, depending on which drug is involved, different penalties are assessed based on which group the drug falls under.

Ultimately, Texas places great emphasis on pursuing defendants in these types of cases because law enforcement agents know that the key to shutting down drug rings is to target suppliers and producers. It is a much more effective strategy than going after small-time dealers and individual users. That means anyone who might be manufacturing or delivering controlled substances is a prime target of zealous law enforcement efforts. This makes hiring a Texas attorney that much more important, as they understand the complexity of these cases and can immediately begin representing you in all of the legal proceedings associated with your charges and arrests.

Understanding Your Charges

In actuality, the District Attorney who charges you will most likely charge you with possession with intent to delivery, delivery, or manufacturing of a controlled substance. Any of these three charges are equally serious and the extent of the punishment will also depend on the total weight of the drug involved. In Texas, no distinction is made between delivering drugs to someone or selling drugs, as it is irrelevant whether there is an exchange of money or not. Because this is considered a drug-dealing charge, sentences can range up to life in prison and fines of up to $250,000 under the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

Having a felony on your record can prevent you on from getting jobs, finding insurance, getting loans, or even renting an apartment in the future. And if you’re a non-citizen, you can expect a felony drug conviction to impact your immigration status. An experienced defense lawyer such as Derek W. Emmons can help represent you during this difficult time.

Common Defense Strategies

To help a defendant avoid a conviction and sentencing in manufacturing of a controlled substance or delivery of controlled substances, there are ways that a defense attorney in Texas can attack the merit of the evidence presented by the state. First, it is possible to challenge their identification of the defendant as the person who made the delivery in the first place. The credibility of informants can be challenged too. Next, will take a look at the nature and legality of any police search and can determine whether any fourth amendment rights were violated.

Talk to a Professional Texas Attorney Today

Ultimately, the key to having the highest probability of winning your case is to mount a defense as early as possible that can help prove you are innocent. For more information on the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance in Texas, contact Derek W. Emmons today by calling 210-226-2800. The Law Office of Derek W. Emmons serves clients in San Antonio and surrounding Texas communities.

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