Attorney Bail Bonds

Your defense can start even before you are released from jail

When you are arrested, in order to be released before your trial, you must post a bail bond. A bail bond is a sum of money that is paid, and that could be forfeited if you do not show up for your legal proceedings. Law enforcement officials agree to trust that you will do as you are told, leveraging the severe negative financial and legal implications that could arise.

There are many bail bond services in Texas, but another alternative for many people is to have an attorney post your bail bond instead.

Because a bail bond is based on a defendant showing up in court, when a defense attorney also acts as a bail bondsman, it increases the likelihood that this will happen. An attorney will be more intimately involved in the trial process and will have more influence on a defendant than a separate service will.

The Benefits of Attorney Bail Bonds in San Antonio and Bexar County

When an attorney such as Derek W. Emmons acts as your bail bondsman, there is a much greater possibility that the defense of the charges against you can start even before you are released from jail. Defense attorneys are versed in the criminal court system, and with their combined experience and familiarity, they can begin setting the stage for an aggressive and comprehensive defense when they become a part of the bail bond process.

In addition, when your attorney is also your bail bondsman, the process can be simplified because there is one less entity involved in your situation. In turn, this can also produce considerable cost savings because your attorney will already know many of the facts of your case.

Another thing to consider is that bond companies are not law firms, and as such, they cannot defend you in court, nor are they bound by attorney/client privilege. In other words, anything you discuss with a bail bondsman who is not an attorney can be passed along to law enforcement officials. With Derek W. Emmons acting as your defense attorney and as your attorney bail bondsman, you are ensured complete confidentiality, discretion, experience, and a streamlined legal process that will benefit you in many ways.

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